Work-Funded Events

Nothing quite says “thank you” like a day of relaxation that is paid for by work! 


One-time: $100/hr*

w/Service Agreement: $85/hr*


Weekend: $10/hr*

2nd/3rd Shift: $10/hr*

Weekend & 2nd/3rd Shift: $20/hr*

*per massage therapist.

Work-Subsidized Events

A great way to extend the wellness budget is by splitting the cost of services between the workplace and staff. Pricing per party depends on the breakdown that is established. Events are billed as work-funded.

Staff-Funded Events

No wellness budget? We are happy to offer our services direct to the staff! We accept cash, check, credit card and payroll deduction.


One-time: $22/session

w/Service Agreement: $18/session


Weekend: $3/session

2nd/3rd Shift: $3/session

Weekend & 2nd/3rd Shift: $6/session

How to Schedule your First Event

  • Call us now at 413-537-3430 and we will be happy to plan the perfect event with you!
  • We request that you pay the balance of one-time events in full to secure your reservation.
  • If you must cancel your event, we ask that you contact us sooner than seven (7) business days from the date of reservation and you will be fully refunded.
  • If you must cancel your event less than seven (7) business days from the date of reservation, you will be fully refunded minus a $100 fee.
  • We encourage participants to provide honest feedback by reviewing us on Google, Facebook or Yelp after their session.

Event Guidelines

  • All sessions are 15 min in duration.
  • Each therapist receives a single 30 min lunch period per event day and a 15 min break every 3 hours of consecutive working time per event day, at whatever times are most convenient. Breaks are not billed to the client.
  • We request a minimum of 4 hours billable time per event day, the equivalent of 16 participants.
  • Billing is rounded up to the nearest hour.


Morintouch™ provides an amazing on-site relaxation experience just for you!

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