Where will my session take place?

Ideally, your therapist will set up their massage chair in a spare office. An area that is distinct from busier parts of the workplace is also good. This will help enhance the benefit, as participants are literally stepping out of their work zone into a space that is solely dedicated to relaxation.

Do I need to remove any clothing during my session?

No! You are encouraged to keep on as many layers as you feel is appropriate and comfortable for you. Your therapist is trained to provide an amazing relaxation experience regardless of your attire.

Will there be any lotion/oil used during my session?

No! Chair massage is performed without the use of lotion, oil, cream or gel, although we do encourage you to select the essential oil of your choice, as this will greatly enhance your relaxation. Chair massage is intended as a mini getaway and we know that you need to get right back to it when you’re done!

Can I still have a session with (insert injury here)?

Massage is one of the most effective therapies to enhance healing during the recovery phase of most common injuries.  That said, it is best to avoid direct pressure on many types of injuries, including skin conditions, bruises, breaks, sprains and strains while they are still acutely sensitive. Please inform your therapist of any condition that you believe they should know about, and they will be happy to adjust the session for you.

How long will my session last?

Your session will last from 12-13 minutes, including a brief introduction with your therapist. We promise that you will never feel rushed!

How much will my session cost?

Depending on what is arranged with your workplace, your session will either be completely free or fairly priced. See our Rates.

What are some benefits of chair massage?

Please take a look at our Studies page to learn about the amazing benefits that regular massage provides!

I had such a wonderful session! How can I tell my friends?

We are so glad you enjoyed it!

Morintouch™ believes that nothing can replace a skillfully crafted relaxation session. We are repeatedly humbled by our opportunity to connect with others every time we lay our hands on them. In this fast-paced modern world, we often forget how meaningful the simple act of physical touch can be.

We also recognize the power of technology to connect us with others. We encourage you to share your experience using the following methods:

But most of all, go tell somebody! Maybe a family member or friend, or maybe even that barista that you see every day who would love to know that your awesome workplace provides monthly relaxation events. You will never know the full extent that your positive input will have on the world!

Wellness on a budget.

Morintouch™ provides an amazing on-site relaxation experience just for you!

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